Little Church in the Field

This gem is about 5 miles from my home. I cycled past it many times and when I got a drone (Mavic 2pro) decided to visit video it. Contacted the vicar who was more than happy for me to video it, but pointed out that the land on which it stands is owned by Winchester College and leased to a local farmer. Since there is a public footpath running through the land and alongside the church I decided that all I needed to do was inform the farmer, purely as a courtesy. He didn’t reply to my email, so I assumed no problems.
It appears in as St Hubert’s Church


St Hubert’s, idsworth to be precise. North of Rowlands Castle and south of Petersfield, both Hampshire.

We always called it “The Little Church on the Prairie”, I didn’t bother with permission when I photographed it for Dronescene. It was a do it and ask permission after type of flight. I was there around ninety minutes and took the opportunity to look inside - there are the remains of a mural, most churches were highly decorated before the reformation, now virtually all church interior walls are painted a boring (and non-idolatrous) white,

It was a cold winter’s day so few walkers, none of whom seemed bothered by a waspish Mavic Air circulating overhead.

Looking toward the rear of the church, showing the organ gallery

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Lovely video well shot, the train in the background
is a perfect addition :clap:t2:


Thanks, Gary. The line is the main Portsmouth to London line so there are regular trains both ways, it was just a matter of waiting a few minutes for the next one. Occasionally, there is a steam train - watch this space!


Paul B.

Very nice. What software did you use to transition into the little planet?

It’s the Asteroid quickshot on the M2P. Glad you like it.

Thanks - now I recognise it. I don’t have Asteroid on my Spark - it is on my Air 2S but I haven’t tried it yet. I take a lof of panos and have managed to animate them in Davinci Resolve. But the nice thing about your Asteroid is how nicely it transitions from video into the still pano.

I take absolutely no credit for that - I just press the button and it happens!