Liverpool Seafront by HDTR


This image was captured over a 4 hour period with the camera static on a tripod capturing the same image every 5 minutes. The many images were then imported into Photoshop as separate layers and small sections of each were then selected from left (daylight) to right (night) and blended into the final composite image - the technique is known as HDTR - High Dynamic Time Range. If you search ‘HDTR’ on Google you can find more examples and the actual step-by-step technique. PS The moon was added later as an afterthought.


Well Barry thats me up on the hills overlooking Bolton when the clouds clear
Only issue i would have is battery life on the camera or did you switch off between each shot?
Thanks for sharing


Oh and did you take a flask?


What an amazing idea, and image
Well done


Four HOURS?!

You have the patience of a saint @BCF :slight_smile:

Still, while waiting you could get a shed ton of drone flights in between :smiley:

Amazon for looking photo though, well worth the effort :clap:

Good to see you still about Barry mate :+1:


That sounds a good name “Patience of a Saint” Badge !!:+1:


Just one battery because when the camera is in ‘idle’ mode (between shots) it uses virtually no power at all. Flask? Oh yes, a hip flask with some Jameson’s in it. I also took my tool from another of my hobbies (if asked) - a baseball bat and had that with me


Blimey … the midges must be huge! :stuck_out_tongue:


You call 'em midges - I call 'em thieving little b******s!


yep i have heard them sailors can be quite frisky at night


I really like this. Gorgeous colours across that sky.


Very clever photography, must try it sometime if I have 4 hours to kill !.
And a suitable location to do it in.


And a baseball bat