Liverpool's Waterfront at night


I was just watching your video, thinking to myself that I wished I had a drone that could do that.
Then I noticed that you have the same drone as me (Mini2).
I still have a lot to learn !

Well done :slight_smile:


Brilliant. Was on top the Liver Building a couple of months ago and was staying opposite. Can I ask where you launched from?

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Mini2 has an amazing performance in the night, it surprised me as well. For photos don’t use automatic mode and set the parameters yourself. If the wind is calm then the drone is actually stable enough to take longer exposure times. The video was shot without any changes from my side though.

I was launching from the waterfront plaza in front of the building (the first shot is actually the takeoff shot :slight_smile: ). There was almost nobody at the time, so I was easily able to comply with all the safety requirements for sub 250g drone.