Living la vida lockdown

Like most of us, I’m stuck inside due to lockdown - and the weather is pants anyway. :expressionless:

So - I bought a whoop to have some lockdown fun with, got a BetaFPV 65S Lite. Binds to TX16S with no quibbles. Whole lotta indoor fun. :sunglasses: I’m managing to hoon around the house without too much carnage, so I built a gate from a neopixel strip & acrylic to give me something to aim for… turns out to require a significant amount of practice! Good for polishing the stick skills no doubt.

Please, enjoy some comedic first attempts…


Edited your YT link to create the embedded player … it only needs …
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Thx! - was posting from my phone and wasn’t sure how to insert it :+1:

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Brilliant! As a TOTAL newbie I’ve been practicing indoors with my MA2 (with prop protectors). Still managed to hang it up on a slatted blind. Impressive damage. Like the idea of a smaller drone


I’ve also been annoying the kids and cats around the house. My little Eachine QX65 was handling really badly, I think the brushed motors had got to the end of their life.

I spent less than a tenner this week upgrading the 6mm motors to 7mm ones, getting a new frame and new props. Flies like a dream now!

That looks awesome :grinning: