Llandudno and the stunning Pier Mini 2

Had a few days in beautiful Llandudno


Well done you’ve just convinced me that my childhood (long long ago) memories of the area are in need of revision.

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Beautiful place.

Nicely shot & edited :+1:

Pleasure steamers from Llandudno used to run as far North as Fleetwood & Blackpool North Pier ( the landing stage was destroyed in a storm in the late 1980s ) and to Douglas in the IoM up to the beginning of WW2.

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I enjoyed your visit - love the sunset.

Revived memories - thanks.

It was a sunrise believe it or not.

Great video. North Wales is a beautiful place. Makes me want to go on holiday there again soon.

Your not wrong
Stunning place .

Great video - I was there in the summer and decided against flying at the pier due to millions of aggressive gulls.

They were divebombing anyone that had any food or similar so didn’t fancy sending the mini 2 up then.

Thanks Howard .
I have been there a few times earlier In year also and bottled it due to the amount of Seagulls.
I am pleased to say they left the Mini 2 alone on this video.
Really pleased with how it came out.

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I was taken on a trip from Llandudno to the IOM sometime in the 1950s when I was a young lad. There were 3 boats doing the round trip at the time. The St. Trillo, the St. Seriol, and the St. Tudno. Not sure if they were steamers though.

Yeah it gets pretty crazy around there with the gulls. Great video though. Really enjoyed it

Thanks for watching.

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