We are off to Wales at the weekend with the Outlaws and obviously taking my MA which will be the first time taking it away. I’m looking forward to flying somewhere with some hills and valleys.

We are planning to visit Conwy Castle and looking on the website they state:

Cadw do not allow drone flying from or over its guardianship sites, except by contractors commissioned for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent CAA criteria, have the correct insurances and are operating under controlled conditions.

I presume this is the Welsh equivalent of the NT or similar and have looked on the NFD website where there is a large pale blue mass around the area of Conwy, at the request of the land owner. I have checked it on NATS and Airmap but there is nothing to show. So who is right?
I’m not looking for confrontation but it would be a great shame not to be able to fly nearby


Seriously? Come on Cadw, we all know the score here :rofl:


Drone is charged and packed, DSLR is charged and packed, wellies are packed… I might get lucky :wink: off to Wales in the morning :+1:


We’ve had winds of 25mph+ at ground level so no chance of getting the drone out. The wind has dropped to 15mph so I check over the drone in preparation only to discover one of the controller sticks is missing. FFS!
I must have lost it on my last outing and not noticed.

Something like a golf tee work on a temporary basis?

If you can get over your control stick problem, I would find a Public Road near the Castle and fly, just be sensible and fly up vertically, and no one can do a thing about it, remember they may own the land !, but not the Airspace above ! (so everybody keeps telling me !!).
I did at Arundel Castle a few weeks ago and did just that !.
If it was me, I would go the car park (Morfa Bach Car Park) on the south side of the river, and fly over the water to get what you want !.
Have you not got the spare pair of sticks? (they come with the Combo).
Just looked on Google Maps, I can see loads of places from the footpath on the bridge/causeway that comes from Llandudno Town to fly from, would not stop me from flying, I would fly over the estuary to get the castle if it was me !

Probably not.

It’s a female thread on the stick.

I’ll need to get a few spare for the M2P.

What a silly idea … just more things one can lose!
I’d super-glue it into place.


Once they are on they do hold pretty good.

It’s when removing to store at base of controller I’m worried I drop one.

It is quite handy being able to remove them.

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I’ve never lost my MP ones … and 100% of that success is the fact that they don’t remove. :+1:

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I was playing with my friend @paulmouncer’s new M2P over the weekend (couldn’t fly, rubbish weather) and I said to him I’m sure you could fly it without the sticks.

Thats a lifetime of console playing for me so it just seemed like a nintendo/sega/sony controller.

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We went to the castle yesterday, to windy to fly. We were heading to this place today…

Precision flying required so I’m not going to risk anything make shift. Looks like Wales isn’t going to be filmed from the air :frowning: Maybe next year!


Off to Anglesey for a long walking weekend - CADW have the same balderdash about Beaumaris Castle. But, it’s looking like it’ll be too windy to fly anyway - I’m even wondering whether to bother carrying the MP

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