Llangollen by road and air

On a sunny but cold and very windy day, I took the Mavic mini to the Ponderosa, Horseshoe pass and Panarama walk in the hills high above Llangollen near Castell Dinas Brân. I tried a blend of dashcam and drone.
I cut the road sections down to almost zero in the end and I certainly couldn’t feel my fingers after a while, I had to cut a few sections short as it was so windy the little fella was flying at 45% sometimes.
I continue to be hugely impressed at how gutsy this little drone is.

Anyway here it is, I hope you like it.


Nice video :+1:

The last bit brought back a few memories of the late '90s when I ‘gained access’ to the quarry in my Frontera to go scuba diving in the blue pool :slight_smile:


Nice one bro video

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