Local Knowledge of Carlisle area needed/wanted not necessarily drone related

I hope someone can help me.
We are visiting Hadrian’s wall in October and staying just outside Carlisle.
Now I know the ‘Ities’ spent some time there back in the past (what did they ever give us?) and Romed all over the place! but I was hoping for some local knowledge of places to visit.

I want to fly from one country to another, just to say I have done so and I know SWMBO wants to visit Verovicium and a few other places but local knowledge is always so much better than Tripadvisor.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Pretty sure that the wall is all in England and not on the border. Unless I have misunderstood the question. Been a long day.


Hi Keith @Fatfred_flies. I live just outside Carlisle and although no tour guide I could possibly offer some help. @DroneGeek is correct the wall at its closest point to the border is still about 9 to 10 miles away (Carlisle to Gretna). That’s said there are loads of places to visit. I have flown at Lanercost priory just outside Carlisle and Cawfields quarry/milecastle 42 on the wall itself (photos posted in the forum a while ago.) You could visit Birdoswald and Chesters Roman fort as well as Housesteads and don’t forgot Robin Hoods tree (Sycamore Gap). Just be careful about flying in some of these places. The Old NT/EH police would definitely take exception to this in the more busier areas. Not sure if the above helps but have a great visit anyway, mate.

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I know the wall is in England and I’m sure even cautious flying a) will take me out of battery range and b) out of VLOS.

The question was really for general info in the area.

Sleep well :sleeping: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Brilliant answer thank you. I will Google mentioned places.
Anything else you can think of, decent beer, food feel free to mention. Thanks again.

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No worries, mate. There are 2 or 3 pubs dotted along the Hadrian’s wall route but I have never tried them tbh. Plenty of choice in Carlisle itself. The Thin White Duke or The Last Zebra are good for food and drink (in my opinion, anyway) and there is always Brewdog. As with anywhere these days, booking maybe required depending on time and day though. :+1:

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