Local night flight with DJI Mini2 on auto

Maintaining the pitch at the Twickenham Rugby Ground.

A distant view of light pollution from Heathrow Airport.


Great pics for a first night-flight! :+1:

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Nice shots. Could you share some settings for this? I’ve got the Air 2S and I’m preparing for my first night flights soon. I tried twice but I’m still looking for good ISO and shutter settings

Magic, great shots…I haven’t grown the pair large enough yet for a night flight…well done, my friend !!

Hello. Yes some great shots and well exposed with the little mini 2 it’s one of the greatest drones and I love mine but not able to do any night photos or video as I live in Cornwall and not enough light from city’s or other to get a good photo.

I did have a Strobon Cree flashing beneath which helps with VLOS.

They were a bit of trial and error but the settings from the DJI fly app show this for the photos in order.

Nice images of the “temple” but there is a lot of noise, try using manual settings, keep the ISO below 200 and increase shutter time(decrease shutter speed), also to help with noise take 3 of the same composition images(wind conditions allowing) and stack them in post.

Understand ( I’m Cornish but live in London ) thanks for the advice and info, very grateful. Happy Xmas, Mike