Loch Laggan


Here’s a wee clip of Loch Laggan we rented out the cottage by the Loch a few weeks ago .

I’m still learning hopefully my footage will get better :grinning:

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Hi Dave, beautiful area and great weather too…

We are all still learning, so don’t ever worry about posting something you aren’t 100% happy with, knowing the guys on the forum you should only get constructive comments and ideas…

I do like the music, and there are some cracking bits of composition in the video…

Perhaps a few pointers? If I may ask is that the MINI2 you are flying or something else, and what are you using to edit the footage with?

Ok, seems like some of the footage is a little jumpy, check the frame rate it was filmed in and make sure it is the same in your editing program - I had this when I first started, one was at 25fps and the other at 30fps…

Secondly, look at what mode you are flying in - Cine is best for smooth epic shots - and use the settings in the Advanced menu to reduce your yaw rate and gimbal rate, and also feather the transition s to smooth them - Ian in London has some great video’s on setting these up for smooth epic shots…

Thirdly I would think about the length of the footage, it all depends on what you want to achieve, but sadly most folks on YT wont stay for more than a few minutes nowadays, so unless you have multiple subjects then try and bring your video’s down to 3 minutes max for a single subject - unless it is something absolutely epic or you dont mind the click through rate being lower…

You have some good footage in there, and your flying and compositino show great promise, I hope you don’t mind me giving a few pointers, please feel free to ignore me if it doesnt sit right…

… of course it will - Suzanne’s advice above is spot on and will certainly help you. May I also suggest you have a look at a few of Suzanne’s videos on here - they are very professional and will give you a good idea of what’s needed to improve your final video output and also grow your YT channel at the same time :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Aww, thanks for the praise John, it is appreciated… Plenty of other great folks with awesome video’s on here too…

Hi Suzanne

Thanks for the info I’ll look into all the advice you’ve given .
I’ve seen a few clips from Ian in London on YouTube and they are all fantastic .

Dave from Scotland

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Hi John

Thanks for the info


YVW, always happy to help… I have only been flying drones for just on a year now, always learning and refining the techniques…

Some stunning scenery there. :+1:

I think If I were to make only one suggestion it would be to keep just one camera motion to each scene, so each transition between scenes is also a transition between camera movements.

i.e. if you are flying forward, stop, and then pan cut that into two scenes, a forward motion scene and then a panning scene, as that bit in between can look a little awkward.

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