Lockdown summerhouse project

In lockdown wifey wanted to replace our old gazebo with a summerhouse type with doors, there was nowhere who deliver one due to brexit and lockdown shortage. After 12 months, she even tried to get someone in to build but it was a nightmare, me not entertaining the idea and keeping quiet then she turns to me and foolishly I said I could probably build a normal one but would not goto the hassle of a hexangular and thought I escaped but nope and here is my project, I could not believe she got a uPVC doors and window :roll_eyes:

Funny thing is she happen to say after putting the pitch on is how do I get it out of the door :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

I’m actually glad i took on the task as most pre-built summerhouse’s the tunnel and groove is 12mil but I’m using 18mil and some difference with floor mine much thicker and stronger as I read reviews on quality and problems in cheap wood and bouncy floors.

French doors, if your eagle eyes there off hinges and handles will be in the middle.

Painted the 2 blind sides as it be hard to get to when relocated.


Door flitted looks good and swings all way round also roof pitch done.