Lodge Lake & Daytona Racing Karts Track

Lodge Lake it’s a very peaceful place to visit, and as I’ve found out from this forum in the Safe places to fly, it’s also a drone friendly place. No restrictions, no wardens. Lovely!

Be sure not to miss the Kart accident at the very end of the video, truth be told, I only noticed it myself as I was finishing the editing in iMovies, and not it as I was fliming it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting this. I really want to get into video editing soon. Be nice to get some videos up online. Took me a couple of playbacks to see the 180 degree spin of the cart.

I am a complete novice and pretty useless at anything to do with software, I blame it to my age and pre-computers generation. But nevertheless I have an old MacBook with iMovie that is as idiot-proof as me and I manage to get the basic editing required without getting too fancy. I tried DaVinci and it was Chinese to me.
Thanks for the positive comments.