Logging into site

I can login no problem on phone (Android), on laptop and on old ipad3 but when I am watching TV (LG) and go to the web I cannot login even after putting the correct details in to the site.
It isn’t a big problem, but I can login to Mavic pilots forum, DJI forum etc etc not just Grey Arrows.
Anybody else have a solution?

Stop watching TV? :mask:

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Are you trying to log in to this forum using a browser on a smart TV? Have I understood the question correctly?

If so, which browser is installed on the TV? and which version of that browser?

Yep, you’re correct PingSpike.
It’s an LG WEBOS TV looking for version now.

Version 05.30.10 found.

What browser does your TV use? and what version of the browser?

If it’s something bespoke to LG it’s probably never going to work with Discourse :blush:

Can you install Chrome or any other modern browser?

I don’t know what has changed since yesterday when I tried it last but I am in now on the TV. browser.Thanks for your replies PingSpike.

Ex forces eh! understand your brand of humour now. I’m also a veteran of forces and CAA/NATS.

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