London residential drone filming - Do I need to inform the residents of every house I fly over?

Flying a MAVIC 3 pro down a london residential street …
all take off and landing permits sorted and insurances in place … need to film a vehicle from about 70 -80m

Been told I need to door knock every single house door

What’s your understanding ??

Many thx


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What approvals do you have ??

Check out Good 2 Go - answer a few questions and it will give you an answer …

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Have you got an OA from the CAA?

Does it have to be a Mavic 3?

A drone under 250 grams - a DJI Mini 2, 3 or 4 will give you reasonable quality video and stills and will be legal for your purposes. (As long as you aren’t in an FRZ :slight_smile: )