I’m looking for people who want to fly near London. I want to try and fly once a month at least and it’s easier if you have people to do it with.

anyone interested.


Which side of London are you from and where have you been flying?

I’m in Clapham. I’ve flown Richmond park once. Looking for other places that arnt a million miles away.


Hi I’m in Bucks and would be interested in drone meet-ups.

im in richmond and would be interested

Hey, would be up for meeting up for a beer in a couple of weeks to plan something. Happy to drive to places and such. What do people think?


Anyone fancy meeting in Richmond park on Sunday (14 July) :smile: :question: around 230pm

Pinging @merlinflyer @soundiesam @Jel1983 @Harbrimar @FergusonFlyer @Migs @nigeljohnson73 @jedpause @Jaycee360 @jw33679 @thepastamaster

They’re all within a short drive :wink:

Am in Ealing, but have family around Wandsworth, defo interested in meetups in or around either of those areas.
Richmond park this weekend sounds do-able…

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Good idea but I’m away. Please ask me another time. Have fun!

Have visitors, however might be able to pop down later than 2:30

Sorry guys and @evilC .I have a meeting with a local charity I volunteer at at 6pm so I think actually I better not attempt to go flying tomorrow . It’s a long walk from the nearest bus stop. I can’t be late for the meeting. I am however available next weekend

@Jel1983 I could give you a lift if that would help - I can make any time on Sun, so we could maybe start earlier too?

To be honest I would be really stressed. I think next weekend is a better idea

I am doing Airsoft next Sat, so Sun only for me next weekend.
Is anyone else on this thread still up for anything tomorrow or is it a bust?

Well sod it, got bugger all else on today, gonna hit up Richmond flying field anyway, will be there around 2:30


Im in Clapham as well