Lonely Dronely in Lymington

Lonely hearts column here. I am based in Lymington between Southampton and Bournemouth. Just a hobbyist. Would love to meet other members. Need advice on locations and on my flying and videography skills. Semi retired. Have a Mavic Air and a powerboat. Wifey not so enthusiastic about either since we just had grand-twins!

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When ARE wifeys happy!


My wife is happy for at least 16 hours a day. 8 hrs when I’m at work and 8 hours when she’s asleep :joy:


What sort of powerboat? Model or one capable of carry you around? Lots of places you can launch off a powerboat that you can’t reach from land.

21 foot RIB. Very happy to invite anyone on board for a droneful or droneless trip in the Silent and beyond. PM me if interested


Welcome to Grey Arrows @BruceLythe :smiley:

Lepe Beach ?

Hi, I live between Christchurch and Bournemouth, so close to you. I was at Keyhaven this afternoon but it was too windy for flying.

So would love to get together and fly from land or sea in your boat. I have looked at a few places to fly, as Paul said Lepe Beach (i haven’t had a look there), Keyhaven would be a nice spot and then Calshot, and Lymington, haven’t found where to take off and land, but maybe you have solved that issue with the boat, could take some great panos.

Drop me a line here if you’d like to meet up sometime.

Hi, do you have any navigation equipment on rib. Raymarine has a DJI app on latest multifunctional displays.

Mine is vintage Lowrance. What I need is courage to launch my £700 investment off the boat. Flying from land over water doesn’t phase me because of rtw. But in a drifting or even fast running boat… Scary

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Take a shufty at this shread … Taking off from a boat … not least of all some test vids I did that are about 2/3 through.

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Yes take a shufti at the ‘taking off from a gently bobbing boat’ test before you try it.


In particular,Dave,s test with a mavic on a moving board !!! Well worth a look…

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