Look What I Found Hiding Away In The Shed / Loft Today

Hi digging through the ‘never regions’ of the house today I came across this Totally forgotten I had it !

Expecting battery to be totally defunct but not mega bucks to replace & I will need a charger

So where do I go for those I’m open to suggestions but I think I’d like to keep the battery pack at lease as near to original spec as possible.Certainly don’t want to effect balance of machine

image image image

Should be fun round the house. Ebay is your best bet.

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The Nimh battery may revive. You might just need a charger.

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God I had one of those till I landed it in the swimming pool. (When I lived in France)

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It actually quite big the pictures are a bit deceiving …

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Now that wasn’t very clever was it :rofl:

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@iGo-droning Have you done FPV?

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I was hoping someone should ask me that !

What is FPV? As so many seem to label so many different things as FPV

When the Mrs bought this for me many moons ago because I’ve always loved Helicopters I was stupid enough to be too scared to wreck it :blush:



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You haven’t flown if you haven’t done fpv. Your in the cockpit. Living every move as it happens.

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To answer your question I have an introduction guide I wrote earlier


Thanks I thought that was the case but lately I’ve seen FPV with goggles, without goggles, without but with a screen on the controller (couldn’t figure out why you would necessarily want that) All spoken in FPV conversations!

So Thanks, I just need a battery (2) and a suitable charger for the R.C above for now

I’m trying to Repair-Reuse-re-purpose or Recycle as the current expression goes

Ok so that’s nihm pack 4cella I’m guessing in series so

1.2v/cell x4 = 4.8v nominal

Can’t recommend batteries but the pack is made from 4 AAA rechargeable cells

Chargers wise they are bog standard rechargeable aaa batteries so you don’t need any special chargers

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Just for clarity it’s actually 6 so 7.2v But Thanks I appreciate your comments

Any recommendations as you here so many stories of cheaper chargers going up in smoke In fact I’ve had it happen to me with a plug in power supply for a home CCTV camera and the smoke it produced was a bit alarming


6 aaa at 7.2v

You could easily get a 2s lipo the same size with a much higher capacity

Lipo chargers are cheep for small chargers but do require some care when chargjng

No your talking :grin: Where how, what etc

Your dealing with a TOTAL non modder here Assume your giving instruct to a 2 year old now you’ve got the idea :joy:

You need to know the physical size of the pack. The kind of connector it’s using. Then go find a 2s lipo that fits


Bought these today so here’s hoping I’ve got it right

Well it’s a nicad rather than a nihm and the batteries are AA sized rather than AAA

so yea the battery will be way to big!

Also the wall wort charger will take forever to charge the pack…

Other than that your golden!

Yes thanks for that I should have asked 1st but very few helping me here With any detail I’m afraid :hugs: