Looking for a Canon 70D camera & lens

Hi Gents
I’m looking for a Canon D70 with a lense being 18-135…Im no camera buff but have been told this is what to get, so if anyone has one for sale at a good price please let me know of if they know of anywhere that’s decent to buy from.

Is it a new venture into photography?

Any main reason why the D70?

same question any particular reason D70? what are you using for? might be cheaper and better options that suit better

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Hi Chris
Just been informed that the D70 with a lense 18-135 is a good one to get…no real reason for getting it but when you cant fly at least you can take some stills and film

Hi Lee
I was told to get the D70 with the 18-135 lense im just using it for stills and video when i cant fly.

Do you have a budget in mind Barry ?

Around £450 to £500 Chris

Nice, that scan get you a nice body and starter lens

Have you ever used a DSLR before?

What do want to photograph?

Do you intend to use it for video too?

Had a Canon AE 1 many years ago Chris other than that just small digital cameras. Not sure what Im taking pictures of or video at the moment

Full set up above I’m selling on Facebook, not a D70 but a nice set up, only £400 or swap for a quality ipad

Its a really tough decision Barry, I started on Canon gear and kept it for 30 years before changing over to Sony mirrorless.

Lots of questions and even more answers needed before you decide which route to go down.

My youngest daughter wants to ‘get into photography’ I can’t get her to understand that it’s not about the camera it’s about the person behind it, she seems to think that taking out 3k worth of lens and body will take her a better photo than her iPhone.

Have a look at bridge cameras there are some great bargains to be had from people who move up from bridge to Dslr/mirrorless (if you don’t mind going down the secondhand route) I can almost guarantee if you buy an entry level DSLR and lens you will soon want more.

See if photography is for you before spending £500 (and that’s what I’ve told my 11 year old too)


Thanks for the advice Chris.

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Sorry … picky point of correction I know, but it’s a Canon 70D not a D70 :slight_smile:

That said, any of Canon’s xx series are decent bodies. I’ve shot with their 60D for 10yrs now and it is a solid trooper and can do lots of things I never knew how at the start when I bought it. the xx range are what they consider their boundary cameras between amateur and pro - so nowehere near as good as the 7D for example but still lots going for it.

The glass (lens) on the other hand is absolutely key to decent imagery and the 18-135 you reference is a basic lens, what pros, etc would call a kit lens. It is certainly a useful walking around lens and would cover off most needs you probably have - especially as you don’t know what you fancy shooting yet - but on thing you need to understand is that the xx bodies are crop sensor so you have to effectively magnify your lens values to get their truer value. So, Canon crops have a 1.6 magnification factor, which makes the 18-135 more truly an 28.8mm to 216mm.

Once (if) you get to enjoy what you shoot and discover a specific passion then you can buy (or not) more glass that is suited to that purpose.

The old adage is you buy your glass once but the bodies are consumables. Says I, just switching from Canon to a Sony mirrorless body :slight_smile:

But have fun with it.

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Thanks for the info Stuart its most informative to me. Hope to start getting some decent shots in the weeks/months to come.

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+1 that.

At least the glass holds its value (I got good prices on several nice L lenses when I made the swap)

I’d seriously look at the 6000 series of Sony bodies and 1.8 50mm as a good starter kit.

View being to upgrade to the A7 series if and when the bug bites


I say this to everyone that tells me they are starting out…

Don’t stress it, just get out and take lots of pictures. Then look at what you enjoy, and then what did or didn’t work for you.


Even if it’s with your phone.


Thanks for all the advice on photography, Its not as easy hobby to get into, at the moment my head is full of F Stops the only F stop I know is a bus route…lol. I ended up buying a Canon 77D and a Canon lens 24-105mm plus a Prime lens I think Its called 2.8/2.8 or something like that, so I’m in the throws of trying to get my head around it.

Good cameras, I have a 70D and a range of lenses, its quite old so getting a newer one, which the 77D is will do you well. The 24-105mm (Probably the F4?) L is a great lens too. F2.8 will allow to get some nicer shots when its a bit darker and not need to go high on your ISO. Lots and lots of stuff on YouTube to help you get up to speed. The beauty of Digital is you can take loads and loads of pictures to see how you get on and bin the ones you don’t like.