Looking for a wide open practice space (Derbyshire)

@Yith Further to our brief discussion at the weekend.

I thought I’d struck gold with Alderwasley Park. Basically just a huge field in the middle of nowhere. Unlikely to be very busy ever, and not even too many locals.

Parking is often an issue in these remote locations, but a quick session on Street View turned this up at one of the entrances.

See also Google review.


Well, I’m guessing that people continued to part like tools because when I got there that lay-by was full of huge sandstone boulders to make sure you absolutely cannot park. :angry:

You could park at Holly Lane Car Park at Ambergate and walk to it through Shining Cliff Woods, but it’s a but of a trek (~2km), up hill with a bunch of gear.

The search continues…

Ugh. Shame about that!