Looking for Drone club

Looking for a friendly drone club for a beginner near Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire

Hi, Howard. A warm welcome to Grey Arrows Drone Club, the friendliest drone club you’re likely to find in these fair isles. Very pleased to have you with us.

We’re probably the best club you’re likely to find as I don’t know of any specific ‘bricks and mortar’ drone clubs around at present. There are plenty of model aircraft clubs but as to how tolerant they are of drones is anyone’s guess.

If you’re looking for fellow flyers around your area put the shout out in our forums - we have members in all parts of the country now. I suggest you start by adding a post to the Introductions category saying where you are and asking if anyone else is near you. As for any questions you might have, again this is the best place to ask them. Good luck.

I went to a local model aircraft club three times. First two nobody there. Third time half a dozen guys showed up. Nice bunch of guys. The fees for joining were £70 Rent of field and mowing the runway. But then I thought. Do I need to join? I can take off virtually anywhere. (within the rules). So I’ve kept my £70 which is the price of another battery.


If they are a BMFA affiliated club, the fee may include a £10,000,000 third party insurance cover.

Hi Howard, I live in Berko, and I’ve only been flying a proper drone for a few months. There is a model flying club by the canal up Tring way, but I’ve not really considered joining anything.

Are you looking for somewhere to practice?