Looking for 'elp in the Alps

Hi there

Around 6 months ago, I managed to acquire myself an inspire 1, I do an awful lot of volunteering with Scouts and as we are about to embark upon an International Expedition to Kandersteg in Switzerland, I am thinking that this will be an incredible opportunity to get some amazing footage.

I have familiarised myself with Swiss law and guidelines pertaining to drones and note that I need to get myself “public liability” drone insurance specific to Switzerland, I am of course quite happy to get similar cover for the UK but for Switzerland, we will only be there for a period of less than two weeks and so I was wondering if anyone knows of a policy that will offer me cover for a limited period (in Switzerland).

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Hi Dave @Scouter and welcome to GADC.

Check out @FPVUK for public liability insurance in Switzerland - the only potential question to ask yourself is “are the flights recreational, rather than commercial?” - which it sounds like they are.

Thanks Rich @PingSpike … now you mention @FPVUK I recall reading all about it when I first joined and just never progressed it … so thank you (again) for the reminder.

oh and yes, definitely not commercial … I wish I had that level of skill and experience.

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