Looking to buy for event footage, security and fault finding

Hi there,

James here, I’ve joined the group just a few days ago and am looking (if possible) for some advice on what I should purchase please?

I have a £3000 budget and need something that has low light option camera and also needs to be relatively waterproof as it will need to live up to the Yorkshire weather.

I had looked at the swellpro3+ but have no idea if this is any good. I did hear about the Mavic but was then told even mist may damage it.

Nice country estate up here (3000acres) and i’m sure there would be some flying opportunities for anyone interested.

Any friendly advice would be hugely appreciated please.

Looking forward to hitting the skies.


Welcome to GADC, whereabouts in Gods own county are you?

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Thanks mate,

I’m living in Queensbury but I work in Skipton and this is where I would predominantly be flying.

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Welcome to the forum James good to have you here and hopefully you are able to improve your knowledge whilst here.

Ahh so your budget is £3000 I was going to recommend the DJI Matrice 200 but that is sadly out of your budget! It is a great but expensive drone to fly and the reason why I was going to recommend it to you is, it is waterproof.

However, that is out of the running now so my next recommendation would be a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

If you have any more questions by all means, ask away!


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply, I may be able to stretch it slightly (not my money).

It was the DJI Mavic I was recommended I think, but then in was told even a light mist would mean no flying due to moisture.

I am completely new to all this so my knowledge is very limited.

Never been an issue. Flown up through fog many a time with my MP. :+1:


Ahh, that’s very interesting thanks mate.

May be an idea to look back at that then.

OK, ask first then :slight_smile:

Can you show me a satellite image of where you would be flying?


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I’m originally from Queensbury, and worked in the Ilkley/Skipton areas many years ago. I can certainly vouch for the weather in Queensbury, it was always cold wet and windy up there. A lovely part of the world is Skipton and the dales area. However having said that, there are many days that I’m grounded due to the weather, being either too windy or wet. I have the MP2 and it isn’t waterproof, I certainly wouldn’t like to have droplets of water sucked into it’s circuitry by the cooling fan. It might seem fine for a few times, but once the water starts to corrode the circuits, anything can go wrong, and it’s simply too much off a risk with any aircraft. Let alone the expense of a replacement

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I cant think of any other waterproof drone than the Matrice range can you?

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No. But generally, if it’s raining, it’s usually too windy/squally to fly.

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I wouldn’t fly in the rain (mainly because I don’t want to get wet myself! :laughing:) - and photos/video will be compromised.
But the the motors don’t suffer (brushless), the camera gets warm and I’ve never had it mist up (I do keep a load of silica gel packs to put in with it in it’s case after towelling down the outer body surfaces).
And likewise, the amount of moisture that will go through the body ventilation will mainly find very warm surfaces and pass right through. The cooler (non-electrical areas) might get damp - but then the silica gel helps with that and just generally being practical about where/how you store the MP afterwards.

I’m not saying it’s an “idea” environment , and I can see why DJI/vendors would dissuade … but the shots one can get on a misty, low fog, day are worth it, imo.

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Silca gel how does that help out of interest?

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It absorbs moisture!

Those little packets a bit like a tea-bag that you find in many new electrical goods.

Except mine are larger!

They can be “re-charged” for multiple use, too.

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:exploding_head: how?

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Warm oven (120C) for 30 mins.

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Used them for years - initially for film cameras and lenses when skiing and going back to warm humid hotel rooms.

Now take them anywhere I’m going with electronics, and where damp/humidity/condensation might be an issue.

Re-charge them, pop them in three plastic-zipper bags, one inside the other. Stay good for a month like that.


That’s ten x 25g packets (35+g when they have done their job!).
The packets are porous so you don’t have to remove the silica gel crystals for use.


I’m at Broughton hall country estate, I’ll let you look at google maps because I have no idea how to send a satellite image.

Tech savvy I aint.

Clickable satellite thingy ;o)

The weather isn’t ideal here you’re right, hence I’d looked at the swell pro but I think I may be well off track with that idea.