Looks like I’m back

A few months ago, crippled with arthritis and unable to walk more than 100 yards I sold most of my kit thinking I’d never fly again. Now after steroid injections and 4 different painkillers I can now walk a couple of miles so I’m back in business. Quite fancied a Mavic 3 but certainly didn’t fancy the price so settled on an Air 2S fly more kit.

I regret getting rid of the previous drones but I really thought I was going to be housebound until I got a plastic knee. Now I just have to wait until this damn storm stops :rofl:


Welcome back Pete :smiley:


Good to hear that you doing better. :blush:

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Great to have you back, Pete, and things have improved.

I’m in a not too dissimilar situation but my robotic minions are not going anywhere. Compared to my wife and my cat they’re the only ones whom truly understand me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: