Loose antennas on Mavic Air

my mavic air controller after a few uses has see the antennas become loose floppy particularly the left one compared to my mavic 2 that has firm ones that stay in place and the mavic pro that was the same
Has anybody had one apart? wondered how much bother to tighten them up.
Cant be arsed to send it back and wait

Not as good quality as the pro models
Its only done 12 flights

Hi Colin - they are a push-fit as I remember from taking my Mavic / Spark / Mavic 2 TX’s apart…

Nothing to tighten I’m afraid…

Here’s a Ghetto fix…


Knocked up this seems to work ok


Someone else has reported floppy aerials, all be it on an MP … after a long saga of other issues.

He’s returning his …. might be worth doing the same?

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