Loosing video feed indoors

Im flying inside a factory using my mini2 and drone tweaks fcc app. I know the gps is weak or almost non existent, and i am also using prop guards. What im trying to do is get some footage of the machines i install and repair, in action. Problem is I keep losing the video connection, not just to the screen but it also stops recording.
There are obviously lots of machines, most fitted with vfd’s , 3 phase motors etc, plus theres wifi, bluetooth. Could anynof this be interfering? Not had this problem for quite some time and its getting a bit frustrating!!!
ps I still have full control of the mini2.

Mini 2 uses: 2.4 and 5.8MHz radio frequencies to transmit the control signals from RC to the drone and receive the video feed back. WiFi and Bluetooth share some of these frequencies.
Mini 2 and your mobile use magnetism to figure which way they are pointing. This is unreliable among electric motors and metal framed buildings.
Mini 2 relies on a good lock on multiple GPS satellites, and for there to be no reflected signal paths. This is not going to happen indoors.

Without all these to rely on, your drone can have moments where it doesn’t know where it is, where it is pointing, or what the next command is from your remote controller.

I was expecting a little erratic behaviour flightwise with lack of gps etc, and was prepared for that with prop guards fitted. It was more the loss of video i was concerned with but you have answered that as well :blush:

CNC machines can definitely seriously affect a drone. Allsorts of harmonic frequencies around. I worked for an overhead crane company who used state of the art coding and frequency hopping. No end of problems with systems failing to safe in some places. Neefed some serious filters to sort it.