Loss of Picture - original Mavic Air

So I haven’t flown my drone in >18mths. It’s been sat in its bag and gone nowhere so I was partly amazed that the batteries had any charge left.

Anyway, charged them up, updated firmware, did physical checks, etc and all looks in good order. Then on our week away I realised I might be quite restricted as to where I could fly, but wanted to try and snap the local church. So, get to locale, get drone out, fire her up and get a ‘you are in an enhanced NFZ’ warning and will be restricted to 60m. Fine by me.

I shot straight up, and according to flight logs, got to 23m with no obstructions but got a “loss of picture shall I RTH?” message. Cancelled message and RTH’d manually. Powered all off, re-checked and powered back on. Instant connect, up I go and same message at 24m. I should add, both times I canceled RTH and was able to control teh drone, just had no picture.

Thoughts as to why?

Location: in a graveyard, on a tarmac path surround by grave stones and trees but nothing closer than 5 to 10m and nothing that should cause an obstruction. I’v certainly flown in more obstructed and restricted locales than this so am thoroughly confused.

Screenshot of village where I attempted to fly courtesy of ‘GADC’ :slight_smile:

BTW - hi everyone, long time no chat but we are between foster kids right now having moved the baby brothers we had for a year (during the pandemic) on to their forever home .

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Welcome back Stuart @stubbyd

New phone/tablet? or the same as you last used?

Did you check the lead from controller to phone ?

Not that I can think of any reason for the “loss of picture” message, but always worth checking the DI GeoZones layer on Drone Scene … which related to the “Enhanced NFZ” message … of flying a DJI drone with it’s annoying restrictions.

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Hi Chris - no and yes. So, same phone but it is getting a bit long in its tooth now so will check when get back out locally. Lead looks OK, but will check with another if the same happens when I get out locally.

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Thanks Dave …

I was pretty much where the cross for the church is shown, give or take a few yards.


I note, that my mashing of buttons did appear to grab something though :slight_smile:

This is St Constantine Parish Church.

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