Loss of signal over river dart

lets start with :poop: :poop: :poop:

whilst shooting the saphos train from kingswear station along the dart river (footage will be shown at a later date) I lost visual connection to drone, luckily it remained flying, i wasn’t able to reconnect but flew back to my location (not home point as was on a boat) and landed with no problem.

I have a colleague locally in the west cornwall area who has had similar issues both with M2P’s. anyone else having any issues? Or do we think its some trigger happy police with jammers getting practice in before G7


I had a similar issue 3 weeks ago with a M2P.

weird isnt it bu6t doesn’t seem to be very regular so hopefully just a one off

Share the flight logs

Now this place ahs a fascination for me… long before owning a drone.

It is one place I’m aiming for (eventually)… mainly the train terminus at Dartmouth and the areas either side of the river… I’ll be careful of the signal connection now though.

Hey Alan
Do you mean the station at Kingswear on the other side of the river to Dartmouth?

depending on what you want to do there are a few permissions etc you may need to get. If its just for fun the hardest part is finding somewhere to take off as all pretty built up

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Would the Naval College be a factor? - I suspect every military facility in the SW at the moment is going to be pretty jumpy with the G7 - and is probably being used to house those securing it.

thats what i’m thinking i did speak to them but you never know if someone got trigger happy