Loss of video quality

Still trying to get my head around some of the social media, however, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of quality between viewing my video on Youtube and on the forum.

Is this normal?

I can only assume that the forum can’t handle the same resolution as Youtube.

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The Forum isn’t processing anything … and I see the same quality on my phone as I do direct from YT on my laptop or cast to the TV.

If you’re looking at the forum on your phone, perhaps you’ve restricted the resolution for YouTube (in the YT app).?

Otherwise, there should be no difference.

I am pretty sure that resolution of embedded YT videos is restricted compared to viewing in YouTube’s app and website. They are driving people to their platforms.

I always watch full screen … so nothing is being restricted by the Forum.

If you’re not full screen, there’s little point streaming 1080 or higher.

If you’re looking at a default embedded window … chances are it’s 360


But you can change that.


But in all honesty … why reduce 1080 down to anything less??? Go full screen!

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I’ve noticed lower quality when watching embedded youtube here and elsewhere.

Drone footage deserves full screen goodness anyway.

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Hmmm interesting.

I’ve just posted a video taken last night of Castle hill. (posted on club meets)

When I view on the forum on full screen, it doesn’t appear the same quality at all, slightly blurred if anything.

I’d be grateful if anyone would check the quality on both the forum and Youtube (only put on youtube a short while ago)


I had done - hence my initial reply.

lol one step ahead of me

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That’s my job! LOL! :wink:

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If you’re playing from an embedded window (desktop) … make sure you increase the YT quality before going full screen … it may not auto adjust, even though it does for me.
Click on the cogs and select 1080.

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Here’s an example of the embedded video only going to 720 yet it’s available in the YT app at 1080

I think this is a mobile issue.

I can get all resolutions on the laptop, OK … but from the mobile forum, the resolution isn’t selectable.

Ahaha, thats where I was going wrong.

Thanks for that, much better at 1080.

I thought it did automatically.

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Yep agree OV, that was by design when I worked at YT so assume they haven’t changed it since

Another reason to try out Vimeo if you haven’t already :wink: