Lost fpv drone

Hi unfortunately I lost my fpv earlier today…

I live in the littleover area of Derby, if anyone comes across it please contact me.

Im not holding much hope out but someone may strike luky …

Did you not have the DVR recording in your goggles? Play it back and see where she went down?

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Got a pic of it? For anyone here who’s walking round that way? And a rough area to look?

Sorry just gutted but cheers buddy :+1:

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Depending on where it’s ended up and the damage it’s caused, you might not want to admit that in public :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

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Did you play back the DVR?

Its was only a tiny 1 + it must of ejected its battery or i would of hear the beeper so no chance of that

Iv found the general area but thats it …

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Not having much luck why is my poat going to be deleted???

Not by us ?

It’s the comment above yours that’s been withdrawn and deleted, by the author

Ok sorry

It did have a beeper and lights but I think it threw its battery.

Had a good look round last night and knocked on a few doors but nothing…

Heading out as soon as it gets light for a second look…


Hope you find it man if not it’s a good excuse to build yourself another one :ok_hand:t2:


I know it happens but I would be bricking it just in case I have injured some one

18.00 at night and only weighing in at less than 200g im not …


That’s ok perfectly safe lmao :ok_hand:perfect line of site

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Can I point you to the second point made on this list:


The guys just lost almost £400 worth of kit. The last thing he needs is someone pointing out the rules. :+1:t2: