Lost my bottle!

So I had a bad crash in October (my fault, flying in a man made canyon and lost GPS, panicked and hit the wall) and I didnt have refresh. Ordered new rear motors, housing and props for my MP Platinum all fitted with no issues, all recalibrated and good as new. My problem is now I’m bloody scared to fly again. Done a few test flights in the back garden to make sure it’s all working but I seem to have lost my nerve to risk sending the bird back up to its max altitude and off flying again. Has anyone else had this or am I being over cautious now?
Happy New Year to you all. Clear Skies

Perfectly natural. My first drone (a relatively cheap one) flew away over a Canadian lake never to be seen again. It took a fair bit for me to send the MA more than about 50 metres away. Eventually though you just need to grasp the nettle. My way was using fairly flat open land so that I could always recover it.


It’s that old “like riding a bike”
It take a couple of flights and you think what am I waiting for

Just be careful in man made canyons…

I did a flight the other day near a tv mast and the mavic threw a wobble but regained control (luckily)
Did stop me putting a fresh battery in and just didn’t fly back in that direction


We’ve all been there buddy. That first flight, your be like a noob again ….

But, believe me after 15 minutes in the air. Your be sending it further and further and back to your old self in no time.

Just like riding a horse just because you fall off doenst mean you will stop doing it. Go back out and have another go you’ll soon be up and running again in no time

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