Lost my quickshot on DJI 4

I went out with a colleague yesterday to give him ten bob tour of my MP
I couldn’t find the quickshot mode on the app.
It was there previously underneath the RTH button but the icon has disappeared.
Not sure why?
Thanks For any help

Which version of the app, and iOS or Android?

I’m on ios, not sure how to find app version

Specifically on iOS, me neither … but assuming the app is pretty much the same as Android …
Home Screen > Me (bottom right) > Settings (cog top right) … then it gives the version at the bottom of that page.
Don’t need to be connected to the MP.


V4.3.1 (3196)
Very concise instructions, thanks
You missed go find your specs but I can overlook that for now😀

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OK - so - anyone else with Go4 iOS v4.3.1 finding the same problem?
Or other versions … but since I can still see mine (non-current Go4), it’s not easy to predict exactly what’s (not) happening here.

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I recently added the hangar 360 app to my phone and that’s not working either
I thought that might be the issue but surely it’s all compatible

All the other aspects of the connect between phone and RC are OK? Video feed, etc?

Every thing else is fine, just the one issue

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My quickshots used to disappear when I had no data connection on flying device.

Actually I’m not sure if that’s was really the cause but it started working and that’s what I blamed it on at the time

I just fired mine up again to check something … and I’m not getting ANY connection (either socket) from RC to either phone. :confounded:

Edit: Sorted. “Something” had stolen the default action for the RC USB connecting to the phones! :angry:

I have had mine disappear and reappear on numerous occasions, I’m convinced it’s something to do with data connection from the iPad/iPhone.


Cmon guys I need a solution; don’t make me look on Mavic Pilots :rage:

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Ctrl+Alt+Del? , oh - you don’t have that option on iOS. :wink:

I’m sure you’ve tried the turn-off-n-on-again.

Down to …

  • double checking connection from RC to phone.
  • trying the other RC socket (remember to remove the side micro-USB if switching to the other one … and visa-versa.
  • Uninstalling/Re-installing Go4.

Can’t think of another option atm. (At top of scaffold tower and on the roof.)

Thanks Dave, I will try all that
I assume you got the scaffolding to get your drone down :grimacing: off the roof?

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Not this time. :rofl:

Gutter repairs and re-pointing the chimney stack.

Oh - and putting new batteries in my anemometer for the next 2 years. :+1:

More annoyingly, I should have been up there yesterday when the Shackleton did a fast’n’low beat up of the airport just 300m away … in the evening sun.

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I’m on 4.1.18 :flushed:

I have noticed on my mp as I was trying to show a friend the different types of photo settings the the icon in question disappears if you are switched into sport mode. I quite often knock the switch when getting my mp out of the bag. Hope this helps😀


Ah! Good point! :+1:

Thanks Jon
I will give that a look

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