Lost RC helicopter in Warton / Orton on the Hill, Midlands

last Saturday at the midland Helicopter club ground i lost my E SKY 300 v2 Helicopter
drifted into the unknown went to look for it Gone. spent three hours on Sunday with darling wife but to no avail so if good fellows/ladies happen to see or hear of one being found please notify @crapflyer.

Hi Eugene @crapflyer
I suggest that you get one of these ‘lost model finders’ and some velcro pads.
This version is standalone use so you can move it around your models rather than having to buy one for each, hence the Velcro :smile:
If you crash, or don’t pick it up afer landing for a few minutes it emits a very loud sound and if it’s dark a very bright LED flashes.
Makes it so much easier to find :+1:

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Did you check over the other side of the ditch? I’ll look there next time I’m up

Yes mate there was another guy looking for it .Jane was with me on Sunday but no good

Thanks Steve, been trying to buy one something keeps going wrong. On holiday this Friday for one week I’ll try when I’m back

Hi Steve I managed to order it. Thanks mate and Karl

I’ll help him :smile:

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Thanks guys, going to try tomorrow morning after dropping Jane in town

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