Lost signal dji mavic air 2

Flying on farm land yesterday .300 feet high 3000 feet distance. Lost signal rth as normal .only a powerline between me and the drone. Would this be a factor in loss of signal?

I’d suggest flying a Mavic Air a kilometre away with only CE power was the cause of the signal loss.

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Whats CE power .I’m new to all this buddy :+1:

It’s a limitation on the amount of output power the transmitter / controller can use in the UK.

In the USA, they can use FCC levels of power output, which are much higher than the CE power levels used in the UK.

When DJI et al advertise the maximum distance / range of a drone they’ll always quote FCC figures :confused:


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Ok .ty .what can I do to get longer range or cant I. Cheers

You can buy hardware, power-amplified antenna kits. Have a look at Alientech as just one example:

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As above, try one of the Alientech Duo II kits, tried mine properly for the first time today, managed to get 22,000 ft out, no loss of signal both ways, had to come back only because I didn’t want to risk battery draining to zero


Possibly a daft question but how are you guys flying VLOS at these distances?




At the distances in the above screen shot, you’re probably not flying VLOS at all (during daylight hours at least).

At the 1km distances being discussed in the first post you could maintain VLOS with strobes quite easily during the day. And way beyond that distance at night.

If you’re flying an Inspire your VLOS will be around 2km without even needing strobes.

So many variables / combinations eh?

An important factor of powered / amplified antennas is to cut through the noise at short distances too, not just for long range use.

I used to fly a corridor that was a killer for wifi, the Mini 1 signal would crap out at just 100m or so. The Mavic Pro 500m and the signal would die.

Decent booster kits can cut through that noise and allow 100% signal right up to VLOS :slight_smile:

Quite correct on point 1 although you could hang any number of strobes off a M2P but, over 4 miles away across a densely populated area…?

I know I’m going to get moaned at as “drone police” but that’s just irresponsible as well as illegal

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In daylight? No way.

At night? I’ve never tried… but I doubt you’d see something like a regular Strobon or a Firehouse Arc that far away either :man_shrugging:t2:

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3 miles at night according to Flytron (everyday is a school day) although whilst you would see your bird, you wouldn’t see anything else near it and def.not at 2:12pm

At that distance definitely impossible :sunglasses:

I never question VLOS in posts as I know everyone and I mean everyone and if they disagree it’s definitely be a raised eyebrow from me :roll_eyes: that they do flights when they do lose VLOS, we all want distance so hack from CE mode to FCC mode or a 4Hawks antenna or similar modification to controller. We can be in a big clear area but who does not want that shot going low over trees so VLOS is lost, I watch alot of YouTube Videos of flights and definitely 99% do not have VLOS.

I can do a flight sitting on top of a hill looking over the town 3.30 mins VLOS and other 2 minutes no LOS as I’m coming back along the lake low to get a nice shot otherwise only way to obtain VLOS is stay 120 MTRS up and a pointless shot, even with the mini 2 I start finding it hard depending on the sky to see it 300 MTRS at times.

I have dji Google’s and nobody holding my hand enough said :sunglasses::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m Not going to mention VLOS again :+1:

Now we’ve cleared that up, back to the topic at hand.

What has your research in to amplified antennas led you to @Power ?

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4 hawk mate …not that I’m getting one .just thought why advertise 10k when I’m only getting 3000 feet at most :thinking:

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Because 10k sells :grimacing:

Sorry just hate them 4 letters :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s already been said FCC mode them numbers be used. It’s my opinion to get that long distance and back again you ever need a extra battery fitted or zero wind there and back.

Could the 10km be flying randomly not meaning straight line distance ?

Can you not just do the FCC hack anymore? I did this when I had an Air 1 and it really does increase the signal strength