LOST: yet another ND filter. Could be anywhere in Suffolk! Grrrrrrr

I’m getting fed up with this.

Like most of you, I like to shoot manual and max quality. So I keep buying ND filters. The DJI ones stay on until a sparrow farts nearby. I’m now on my last one. And the posh ones in the pic (left) make the gimbal go a bit grumpy. Plus to get them to go on you need to press way harder than I’m comfortable with on a delicate bit of kit like the Mavic.

So, given that my ND filter expenditure will soon overtake the purchase price of the Mavic, I’m wondering if you lovely peeps can recommend a set that stay on (without the risk of snapping off the entire gimbal).

What brand are the ‘posh’ ones? I hear a lot of good things about Polar Pro filters, including the fact that they fit well and stay on. I can’t recommend them personally but they seem to do the job.

Thanks, Londroner.
The “posh” ones are Sunnylife. They fit ok, but seem to affect the gimbal calibration every other time they’re fitted. Ta for the Polar Pro ones; I’ll give them a go after my last DJI one plummets earthwards.

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do you often take the dji filters off the gimbal?

I’ve not lost one yet and hardly ever remove ND16

Id try the neewer ones from amazon. only 20 quid Im just awaiting for that set. It supposed to be good and You could put them on before the calibration

Yeah, me too. They also pass the calibration tests without upsetting the gimbal :+1:

I can not recommend the Polar Pro enough, fantastic quality. If attaching them worry’s you just put the gimbal lock on.

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I’ve been using these MIO Lab ones, set of four (ND4 to ND32) is only £20.they have a nice spring for action so don’t fall off, and the gimbal calibrates fine with them on.


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