Low down Pano (new College accomodation block)

University of York this morning, Mini 2 all permissions granted.

Anne Lister College


Weak bladder?


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First thing I saw was the Avengers logo.


How come on Kuula you can’t scroll upside down like you used to be able to do :thinking: you used to have full 360degree movement up and down left and right now it seems to limit how far up and down you can scroll :thinking:

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Pretty sure it depends on the settings you select when you upload Deano, same for the zoom function too

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:point_up: this.


Not guilty, I was hiding ;o)

Maybe they’ve changed the defaults then… lol or it’s just me being thick lol probably the latter.

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They might have changed the defaults mate. I’ve not uploaded a 360 for a while

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Some of it is pot luck I think I’ve seen plenty on here where u can spin away to your hearts content, mines uploaded from phone via kuula on safari, no settings altered

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If you mean keep on scrolling until you have done a 360 from top to bottom and back to the top, I do not think has ever been possible - or not in my time of using it.

However as others have said above you can limit how far up and down you can scroll to try and hide elements on the ground.

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