Low Flying Aircraft - what to do

Here’s a different perspective on very low flying choppers… An interesting day and hopefully some useful info for everyone, especially on how fast you can descend vs the chopper approaching. :slight_smile:


Great video, good advice! Round my way we get everything, Apaches from Wattisham and Ospreys from Lakenheath. These too can be very quiet - or extremely noisy. Also assorted military drones. Apaches do seem to show up on ADSB Exchange, but maybe that’s not all of them. Ospreys, only sometimes, and F15s/F35s never. The USAF has a different policy on ADSB. Most of Norfolk appears to be a training area.

Does the DJI ADSB-IN system simply receive the transmissions, or does it key in with MLAT to get and retransmit position, course etc of nearby a/c?

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You must live spitting distance from me.

Awesome video, the apache is such an awesome machine.

Out of interest which other lowland teams were there?

Re adsb I have seen them on 360 radar but I think they have mlat receivers too. They also have epic call signs.

I agree re the contacting of atc not needed it yet but found the military aip really useful might be worth adding a link in the video description?


Lastly realising it was one of you’re videos that brought me to this place so thank you for that :blush:

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I was fortunate to do my A2CofC and GVC with UAVHUB. Their CEO, Matt Williams (Mr MPW on YouTube), was an ex RAF helicopter pilot and instructor, who devoted a full module on the UK Low Flying Areas and Collision Effects in which he displayed a map of the UK showing all of the LFA’s, TTA’s and specialist helicopter areas. Very useful and very impactive showing damage to his aircraft over Iraq when it was struck at the front by a large seagull (about the same weight as a P4?).


Great Video Ian thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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Yet another fantastic video, good in sight to what could be going on in the air :+1:

Yes, Matt was invited but double booked and we were talking yesterday about all this. I saw that section on his A2 course; very sobering…

Added the link! And glad to get you on here :slight_smile:

Had a comment on that on the video; the instructors were pretty clear on this as we did question them and explained how the newer DJI drones have the ability to receive and show incoming aircraft. Wonder if it’s the newer ones…

It’s good to he here it’s been a journey haha.