Low lite warning mini2?

Flying my mini 2 about 8 o’clock last night in the park my mini 2 gave a warning on my monitor (Mobil phone) of low lite, it also would not completely land when I pressed home it would hover above where it should land, also but being honest I don’t know weather this is anything to do with the low lite, my screen kept on locking up so unable to do anything on the screen, at this point got a bit worried so packed up incase I lost the drone, I suppose because of the bottom sensors in low light conditions it’s going to cause issues, so my question is is it safe to fly in low light obviously following safety, but could the drone just fly off or some other worrying outcome.


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The drone doesn’t know what time of day it is, it just knows that it cannot see properly using its downward vision sensors. All the fail safes are still there and it will return to home if an issue arises. This is done through GPS.

A tip if it’s struggling to land, is to hand catch it or light up the ground where it’s landing so it can see what’s it’s doing.

The screen lock wouldn’t have anything to do with the low light, that more than likely a phone problem or cable, phone with a case on perhaps but definitely not low light, also check for updates.

Night flights are great but just be aware of your surroundings, things like overhead cables, power lines are still there, we just can’t see them. :+1:t4: