Low Speed Mode on Mavic Mini

Hi all,

I’m currently studying for my A2 CofC and was wondering about ‘low speed mode’ for flying horizontally from uninvolved persons. The guidance suggests that flying close, anything up to 5m, should be performed in ‘low speed mode’ i.e. no faster that 3m/s.

The slowest mode on my MM is ‘cinematic’ and this is limited to 4 m/s. Is there any way of reducing that limit?

I know that my speed is displayed in the DJI Fly app, but I’d feel far happier if I could keep my eyes on those uninvolved persons and let the software do it’s stuff (if that’s possible).



Without modifying it, no.

Don’t use full throttle on the sticks? :man_shrugging:

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I’m also not sure if the wind would accelerate it when in tripod mode?

Eg, if the max speed is 4m/s, could the wind push it faster than that? Or is the Mavic Mini intelligent enough to counteract and maintain that max 4m/s speed? :thinking:

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@PingSpike Re. Stick control - yeah, I thought about that and I guess it’s just something I’ll need to practise

That is also another consideration. I don’t think the MM is smart enough to counteract the effects of wind, but as I’d be flying low, I’m hoping it wouldn’t be an issue (not planning on flying in a gale either :smiley:)

Its not that thick, I’ve had mine up in some pretty strong winds and still cant get that speed record ;o(

:rofl: I’ll be having a go at that too later in the year!

Hi Ned,
The slow speed mode you refer to is a switch setting on the C2 certified drones which can be used in the A2 category of the Open Category when the EASA rules come into effect after 31st December 2020. The are no C2 Certified drones made for the European (including the UK) market at the moment.
So we will all have to wait for them to arrive… hopefully.


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Hi Chris… I thought it would be something like that, so that made me wonder if the max speed in Cinematic mode could be limited to replicate that.

It doesn’t seem possible though, so fine stick control it is.