Lymington and the surrounding area

Afternoon guys

Does anyone know if there’s any regulations in place to restrict drone flyers around Lymington and the surrounding area?

I was challenged yesterday and was told that I was flying within a RSPB protected nature reserve. On further research the area is not RSPB protected although it is a nature reserve which stretches from Lymington River estuary to Hurst Castle.

I’m happy to avoid the nature reserve if need be, as I can take off from the quay area and fly along the estuary, but I really really don’t want to lose Lymington as a spot to fly, as there’s some fantastic potential there for drone photography. Are there any other factors I need take into account if I’m challenged again?

It really annoyed me as as a result I missed an incredible sunset. I think the guy just didn’t like me as I had my hood up as I was chilly.

Am trying to research this myself, but any further info from people more in the know would be massively appreaciated.



I go to Lymington on a regular basis and I also fly drone so I will do some asking next time I’m there but I’m sure anywhere around the marina area is ok to fly something like a mini or mini 2