Lymington River, Balmer Lawn - Added to Rivers & Canals in the South East region on the map at

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at


Although this is old, what is the latest status on flying over the New Forest, I checked being a newbie and it is clear they say no Drone flying over any of their land… is this a more recent regulation…?



Nobody can stop you flying over their land @Malcy.

They can prevent you taking off and landing on/from their land, but they can’t prevent you flying over it.

Just remember to keep your flight within the realms of the Drone Code and you’re good to go :+1:t2:

That pretty much makes this location unavailable as it is well within the park boundaries so no chance of taking off outside and flying over.

The flight was four years ago when it was possible.
The flight was from private property - which is still possible.
If your only purpose for joining GADC was to wade through posts and make such comments, your account will be suspended.

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Thank you for the welcoming response :expressionless:. I was not ‘wading’ through posts, just trying to be a thoughtful new drone user by joining a group to find suitable places to fly! My comments were made on the basis that this location was shown as somewhere you could fly. No details about where you took off from.
If it is still possible to fly here then great. May be useful to add other notes to the post to let people know.
I am still wading through all the rules & regulations of where you can & can’t fly so please forgive the tone which may be partially due to the frustration of finding suitable locations.

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