M2P - Altitude Reading Issue

Took my M2P out today for its first flight and I noticed that when hovering at around 2m doing a few checks my height was showing at around 6m on the app.

I’ve have done all the calibrations i know of pre flight Inc firmware updates to both the drone and controller so im at a bit of a loss as to what this is, any ideas folks ?

At an altitude of 2m I would assume your M2P would be using its ultrasonic Range Finder. The readings can be influenced by air temperature, air density, air pressure, humidity etc.

If you want a guaranteed good night’s sleep (though I found it scintillating, but I’m just weird that way) there is a very good paper on range finding techniques for SUAV’s:



Did you calibrate the IMU?

Yes Alex I did this, may be worth doing it again?

There are 2 altitudes shown on Go4 app.

H - which is derived from barometric sensor and IMU

VPS - which is a readout from the IR tof sensor.

Which one were you looking at? The barometric readout H is not always reliable and can be influenced by weather changes and even wind.

That’s why it also has VPS altitude otherwise it would be a hard landing without accurate altitude

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Thanks for this I will take a look. :+1:

I pretty certain it was the barometric sensor/IMU but I will take a look closer next time I fly, thank you. :+1:

If that’s the case I wouldnt worry too much.

I’ve landed in the same spot as take off with a negative altitude showing a few times.