M2P and Goggles for £0.15? Indeed!


People do - I haven’t.
6 entries for 90p … it’s a bit of fun and worth a punt.


I’ve been doing tenner a week. Not won but have been very close.

One day


A TENNER!! :open_mouth:
I don’t spend that much on EuroMillions! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just signed up… I have been trying to find a tell tale Photoshop jobby but they are pretty good! :sunglasses:

Or is the ball fake? Must be otherwise someone would work it out


Camera on tripod. Two photos - one when nothing is there, then overlaid where the ball is.


Can’t you just ‘triangulate’ the ball by drawing a line from each of their eyes and seeing where they intersect?

Granted, you’d need three pairs of eyes to triangulate, but you know what I mean :blush:


But the ball’s moving and the angle of the eye isn’t that obvious.

I’d still say the lad in the yellow shirt is looking at MY crosses, not theirs.


Problem is there is no “correct” ball position. Only what’s chosen by the panel of judges.

Believe me I’ve tried.


This is true. They never see a ball in the pic either. Only what we see.



Gosh! That’s this last one!!
Do they do that for every week?


I think so, for transparency.


That’s cool


I really like BOTB.

Probably too much.

Damn you @OzoneVibe


Remember my commission when you win! :moneybag:




Was that Week 36? I seem to have missed that one.
It’s difficult to know which week number one is entering.
Just entered on this one.

(… and no, that’s not going to be my entry - it’s where the cursor was during the screen-grab. :wink: )


I did pause for a second and think surely not. :joy:


Even my understanding of the sport is better than that! … just!


I should post my actual entries just so that you all know where not to bother with. :rofl: