M2P and Goggles for £0.15? Indeed!


6 or 7 - a quid’s worth.


I’m just a cheap skate


I didn’t know you could do a half entry?


Just single 15p entry


You know … that was my next choice ….


Close, but not close enough :unamused:


And it’s a No from me




LOL :rofl:


Still laughing at that one!






Indeed - the JUDGES FAILED!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I might have missed something in this thread, but has anyone ever called bullshit on these ‘judges’?

I mean, why don’t they show you the photo with the actual ball in it?! Instead of some random photoshopped target point…?


Because a ball is too large to determine the centre to the pixel.


I wondered same at first.

The judges never see where the actual ball was.

They get the same photo as us. Its basically a lottery and the guess the ball is to get around some kind of gambling law by adding a requirment of skill.


I think I got the next one sussed ….


I forgot about the last one, I might have to forget about this weeks as well :thinking::rofl:


Yeh I think Dave has it sussed looking at that entry…


I saw an advert on TV for BOTB last night!!

You guys are clearly giving them way too much dosh.

And with Dave’s spot-on-accurate prediction there, I can see why they’re rolling in it :rofl:


£1 per week? I wish I could get my craft beer budget down to that!