M2P and Goggles for £0.15? Indeed!


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Well, I couldn’t resist, another £1.50 I’m giving away then :roll_eyes::grin:


A marginal improvement ….


Bugger, almost had it.

And the others.


A miss is as good as a mile. :wink:


But it makes you feel better when you are close :laughing:


I once won 2nd prize in a competition. It was a great prize! A JVC CamCorder back in the days when they cost an arm and both legs.
When I got the phone call in the office to tell me I’d won, the others in the office were all laughing.
Apparently my reaction to 2nd place and about £1,500 of prize in the mid 80’s was one of total disappointment,
I was SO damned close to winning the Rover 3500!!!

I’d have preferred to have totally lost than being so close to a superb prize. :stuck_out_tongue:

Worse, probably, because the winner was a subjective choice in a caption comp.


No same here


It’s cheap entertainment. LOL!


Some of your entries certainly are that :rofl:




I can’t recall ever winning anything, my brother always used to enter competitions in the South Wales Echo, I remember him winning two big prizes way back, one was a JVC camcorder, it took full size VHS cassettes, we used to have a laugh saying he looked like someone working for a national TV company.
The other was a Mini Metro, both were a big deal and worth a lot of money at the time.


and now 50p :joy::joy::joy:


I have been painfully close on a few of these now… I am convinced that the judges don’t watch football, or the players are focusing on something else that is round and isn’t the ball… :exploding_head:


Oh …. arse!!!


Or as James May says cock




Nowhere near