M2P and Goggles for £0.15? Indeed!


I was a mile out this week.


I take it you don’t get anything for landing in the white? You have to be pixel-perfect on the crosshair? :thinking:


Closest …



Just put 35 entries on trying to win some last minute Christmas pressies :blush:
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:
I was going to say it doesn’t look as easy this week but it’s never easy :laughing:


Life’s a beach then you marry one

(Oh dear we have and anti-swear script running oh fudge)


On your browser Jeff? :thinking:


Self imposed after your post
Oh and have you watched “the good place” it’s on Netflix and is very good
They have a no swear translater a good way to get round not using the swear words in a very clever comedy


No need Jeff mate :slight_smile:

I’ve just added a footnote to the post updated to clear up any potential confusion or uncertainty :+1:t2:

I’ve not got Netflix… Never even tried it as it goes! I think the only Netflix (original) show that I’ve seen was ‘Stranger Things:slight_smile:


Anyway, you lot are tempting me to take a punt on this spot the ball malarky…

Any tips?

Do you just hold a couple of rulers / straight-edges up to the screen and try and work out the intersection point or something?

Actually, scratch that request, I’ve seen your guesses here thus far :rofl:


Close your eyes and point your finger anywhere on the screen. :wink:


Well, going by the screen grabs you’ve all shared here I was beginning to wonder if that’s what you were all doing :rofl:


No we where right it’s the judges who keep moving the result


Oh well, another £10 down the drain :smile:


At least we agree they got it wrong!


Yes, 35 times wrong :rofl: It’s the bloke to the bottom left that put me off.



I just do a quid’s worth. Let’s face it, the chances of winning are pretty remote. A quid is fun … more ain’t worth it … IMO.


It wasn’t just the drone I was playing for, there were several other items, I normally put 10 + when I remember.
£10 doesn’t go far these days.


There is also the Hobby Mounts comp each month.
Hobby Mounts Comp


Oi!!! Don’t want any more people joining that … it reduces my chances! :rofl:


I did have a mention on the live announcement once but that’s as close as I’ve got :smile: :crossed_fingers: