M2P and Goggles for £0.15? Indeed!


I know!!

Why is he looking at all your red marks, instead of looking at the ball?!


I’ve been watching that comp grow steadily for a long time now and I’m pretty convinced that Paul now makes more money from that monthly competition than he does from drone sales :rofl:


I’d agree!


He also doe other work too, I saw him on Facebook advertising the local market last week.
Par Market

My thoughts exactly :grin:


Yep we all had the same idea
No chance


This is a silly game! :rofl:


We should start our own.

Spot the drone perhaps? There’s a few good images I can think of :rofl:


We should set that up and then invite Sussex Police to play along. :+1:




Quite agree
And another fail from me


Well going by the standard of spot the ball i think some should be spending on specsavers but you couldnt do any worse by having the police in on this :rofl:


Ill grab my coat on the way out😁


Come on Jon, we need to see your entries :wink:


Blimey! I almost won it!!! … compared to all my other entries. :rofl:


Just a tad closer than you Dave it’s a midges dodah closer




I went the other way
Normal service will now resume


Looks to be perfectly within the red circle to me, Jeff? :thinking:

Those pesky judges always get it wrong eh! :rofl:


And I didn’t win damn them



… actually - I can at least see why that might be right.