M2p controller cable to iPad

Just got myself a tablet mount so I can use my iPad Pro ( 10.5”) as monitor,
Works brill but! I find the iPad keeps closing down and / or app closes?
I’ve used the apple iPad lead and plugged into lower usb on controler, the side lead was too short, plus the longer lead I ordered had wrong usb for side socket, it’s for the air :blush:
I remember seeing someone mentioned a while back a longer lead that fits in the side but can’t remember which thread it was in?
Any advice guys. :thinking:

… although those were Android, there are Apple ones under the same link.

Star tech on Amazon 1ft coiled cannot fault them no issues

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If you want to use one of these you would need the longer one for you iPad

Just get a bit wary of ordering as the one I bought was advertised for the m2p but pack states pro air/spark and they have a different micro usb to the new controller,
Think I’ve found what I need now
Thanks guys.

M2P/Z and MP are definitely identical. Check somewhere like Hobby Mounts … same part number.
I was looking the other day.

Indeed, same as Air …

This is what I mean, confusing?

Left one is original dji
Right one sold for m2p doesn’t fit.?.?

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Another reason to stick with originals. :wink:

Looks like the plug body is all wrong on that new one and wouldn’t fit any DJI RC. Nothing to do with the drone model.

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This is one on right.
Just in case anyone else needs one, don’t go for this!

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