M2P Downward Sensor Calibration

Good morning all,
I have a new Mavic 2 Pro, however I cannot use it as the downward sensors need calibrating, can anyone assist me, I’m in Leeds.


On your mac or PC, go to DJI.com and hit the support page, or search DJI assistant download. Once downloaded open the program plug your bird in via a long USB C cable, I will recognise your drone type and give you a calibration option for the sensors. It’s pretty simple and hopefully cures your problem. :+1:



Not many explain things better than Aldryn


It takes ages, all those cameras I never realised until I had to do it once!!

Thanks guys, all sorted and now up and “flying”!

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Glad to hear it was an easy fix, Happy Flying :+1:

I eat pistachio nuts while I watch his youtube chanel


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Fully clothed one would hope ;o)

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Up and flying until the next time I flew, no connection or linking led’s…main board is faulty!! 35 mins flight completed and it’s got to go back. !!! Not happy

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