M2P longer time battery storage

Hi, if I am not using my M2P for a longer period of time and my batteries start to auto deplete after 4 days , how often do you check on them and at what point do you recharge them ? I’m mostly thinking of winter storage and just want a idea of what other members do to best maintain the batteries through long periods of storage please.

I don’t know if there is official guidance or recommendations but I normally charge all my kit every two or three months. Including all controllers, amplifiers, strobes, etc.

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Which btw, might be false economy :man_shrugging:


Why store it? Why not fly it?


Work and weather but I get out every chance I can ,


How long can I leave MP batteries unused in storage ?
I ask because if someone buys a MP from a retailer, the batteries might well have been in the box for 2 years, yet they usually show 1 or maybe 2 lights when opened & tested.
I don’t really want to take 4 batteries back home ( when I eventually can ) as that will result in me having 10 !!!
I reckon it could be 1 year before we came back for a visit, so I am wondering if they would still have any charge left in them ?

Probably a good idea to read the first post in this thread.

… and this post.

Thanks for that - read a whole lot but little of any substance really - seems to be luck of the draw. I guess I will just have to transport them, at leat that way I can keep an eye on them.

Little of any substance?

… and all the problems he’s had with the battery stored a similar amount of time?

And …

… the battery is “brand new” from Argos today - and the serial number “suggests” that it could be 2 years old?

Totally relevant to your post in every way, I would say.

Sorry, I think you missed my point - anecdotal comments are fine in their own way - I was looking to see if anyone had found a definitive conclusion - I tried DJI but they just directed me to a data page which didn’t give any conclusions - Maybe there hasn’t been any research on “storage longevity” other than what individuals experience. All good, and thanks for the direction, it helped me make up my mind.
My “new battery” is now on charge with only 1 light blinking so I guess it was “old”, but hopefully it will charge successfully and join the others.

Actual evidence that one had totally failed after ~year would be of far more substance and relevance to any decision that I made than some spec-sheet from DJI.

Car fuel consumption comes to mind. Not to mention VW’s diesel-gate!

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I didn’t realise that the serial numbers are indicative of “age” - now that IS interesting !! Would you now where I can check these out ? - Sorry for being a pain and demonstrating my lack of tech :pray:

Here’s the formula for serial number decoder:


Ex : 08QDxxx ………

  • 5th -^ = YEAR

  • 6TH –^ = MONTH

  • 7TH —^ = DAY


  • D = 2016

  • E = 2017

  • F = 2018

Again, unsure of accuracy with batteries, more details in that link.

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My new battery is “093AFAQ…” = 2018-10-24

MP is “08QDDAB …” = 2016-10-11

Earlier replacement battery - “093AE68…” = 2017-06-08

All seem to make sense.

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That is REALLY helpful - many thanks for finding/posting.
My Ebay Argos one is 093AG82 which seems to correspond to 2019/August/ 2nd

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