M2p problem driving me crazy

For ages I keep resetting controls of my m2p in order to get smooth video,
I have watched loads of how to videos and several times had the video running whilst setting the controls, pausing at each step and doing the adjustments on the drone then continuing, but,
When I then fly and do video most control are smoother but the turn speed is still rapid and looks awfull ( makes you dizzy to watch it)
For some reason I just cannot get it to pan slowly a perfect example is in the video I posted.
I don’t know if this is a bug with my m2p that I should contact dji about or what but I’m at a loss with it.
Is there / can you reset drone to factory settings as I’m thinking it might help to reset it, any ideas??

What setting are you adjusting to reduce the yaw speed and what’s it set at?

You can only reduce so far without making the drone feel very sluggish in flight so a light and even touch on the stick is necessary.

I will get back to you on that , will set up drone again and list the settings.

Screenshots are the quicker way than listing.

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As suggested by @OzoneVibe here’s screenshot of the settings.
image image
Only by going back to this today I found the rudder left setting was for some reason on 0.95 so I reset it to 0.15 and carried on setting it up,
Then when I went back and double checked setting it had reverted back to 0.95 again ?
Rechecked again since and it’s now holding the setting, now to me that is wierd, it’s like it’s taking 0.95 as a default setting.
Soon as the wind drops I will give it a try again.


That setting is for expo, it reduces sensitivity around the centre point of the sticks.

0.95 seems odd as max on mine is 0.8 and would be far too aggressive.

0.15 should work well.

I cant remember if switching to sport mode gives different values.

When you are yawing, are you moving the stick slightly or going full deflection? If only slightly a high expo would explain your issue.

You might also want to adjust yaw endpoint. It reduces the rotation speed at max stick deflection. It’s under sensitivity.

I thought I did that but will double check!